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We try to watch films together, and it starts off well, but somehow we always end up out of sync. 

i cant tell you how much this cartoon means to me…

this will fix that problem :)




Posh is a film about RONIQUE XXX a Berlin based artist and scientist experimenting with life as an extraterrestrial in human form. She writes, composes and performs her own invention of sound called Hard Sci Fucking’ Funk. She witnesses a murder and transforms into a mutant femme-fatale avenger.

Screening Oct 11 at London Transgender Filmfestival 2014

watch online


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"I can’t stop you,i’ve got no arms"


If you blow bubbles on a cool, wet day this happens. If you want your bubble to be strong and last longer just add corn syrup. (Source)(Unbreakable Bubbles Recipe)

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1. When you find yourself sitting for an hour
in a bathroom stall,
wishing happiness could be as simple
as pushing your fingers down your
Get up.
Go home.
Throw your scale in the street and
watch the cars run over it.

2. There will be times when you
wish you…

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hey! your skin is beautiful. idk if this is too broad of a question but what foods do you eat and what products do you use to keep your skin glowing and healthy looking?
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hey darling <3

first off, thank you so very much! for me, good healthy skin is a effort. Some of you magical heffas are born with beautiful skin and small pores and your cell turnover is incredible. God bless y’all for that, but I got to work at it. lol.  I drink lots of lemon water and water with added pH drops. I did some research about hydration and filtration systems and I found out that the typical American diet is so acidic and filled with toxins and our bodies need to be alkaline to function properly. So imagine all the water we drink in a genuine attempt to be healthy, but really we are adding to the imbalances of our body (that also come out through our skin). You can add them to any water you drink. I add about 6 drops to my 1L smart water everyday.

I am a fruit girl and fruits do wonders for the skin, but I also love juice. Like juice could be a food group for me. Imagine me in the cut with a can of Goya mango juice and u got an accurate ass image of me. But girl juice got a lot of sugar and isn’t the wave if you get hormonal, breakouts (like I do, every month but I use Maca powder in my smoothies to minimize the PMS symptoms here’s a video [x] ) and if you are trying to be as healthy as possible. So I cut back on processed juices and started drinking more healthy cold pressed juices. So you can get healthy juice anywhere. Ideeply fuck with anything with ginger or beets b/c ginger is a great detox and beets are a super amazing food for your skin. I also eat mad spinach (b/c I really don’t like the taste of kale, but you will benefit from kale if you like it!) I put it in my smoothies about 3 times a week so I can get in my daily folic acid/green quota. But for me, skin-wise, making sure that I consume fruits and veggies with dense nutritional and vitamin value is essential. 

I take liquid chlorophyll too, it turns my mouth green and one time i took some before putting my nephew to bed and he told me that my mouth looked like “an alien”. Funny ass kid, he ain’t know that this is a peak ass product that literally sucks and purifies your body and takes all kinds of metals and toxins out, including germs, bad bacteria and it’s amazing for digestion (which is essential to aid you stomach in digestion if you eat gluten and processed foods). The benefits are endless and it’s really simple. it tastes very much like a plant, but you’ll get over it when u see how good your skin looks and how bright your eyes are and how light you feel. (I double up on this, if i’ve been out with my friends on a long night as a next morning boost and it’s great!)

As for what I use on my face, I AM A FIRM STAN OF THE OIL CLEANSING METHOD!!!! YES GIRL! HERE’S SOME GREAT VIDEOS ON THE METHOD FROM HEYFRANHEY, [x] [x] AND IT THOROUGHLY EXPLAINS THE METHOD AND I DO EXACTLY WHAT SHE DOES EXCEPT I USE 100% RAW SHEA BUTTER AND COLD PRESSED ORGANIC CASTOR OIL. You can try other oils, I know almond oil is very effective, I might try that one since it’s summer time and I want something a little lighter. But here’s a list of oils and their comedogenic ratings so you can choose from what oils you think might suit you best! I also use rose hip oil for fighting hyper pigmentation and keeping the lipid layer on my skin on point (which is really the part that gives u the glow internally). Here’s a good skin science post on the benefits of rose hip oil for balancing the skin (even if you don’t get breakouts) [x]. My favorite brand of all natural witch hazel is Thayers, they go so hard and they make a lot of different concoctions and products and scents! I STAN THE ROSE WATER ONE! BUT HERE’S THE SITE, HAVE A LOOK!

I also take vitamins and supplements. Go to your local health food store, co-op or whole foods and try talking to the people who work in the vitamin section. THere is a reason why everyone who works in the vitamin section has great skin. Pick their brains but I got the most utility from talking to the people at my local health food store. They have an insane amount of honed in knowledge about everything and can help u pinpoint imbalances and holistic regiments that can address your issues. For me, it’s about balancing out my vitamin D and C (which Black people are deficient in) and also my progesterone and estrogen levels. So adaptogens like Maca root and detoxers are essential to my overall health. 

When your body is healthy and balanced, your skin will be and it’s a process. It doesn’t require a complete overhaul and grand investment, but  take it step by step. try an oil and increase your vitamin and produce intake, see how you feel, start alkaline-ing your body with some chlorophyll and some pH drops, see how you feel. You never want to just overhaul b/c your body can freak the fuck out and turn on you. Just try some stuff and see what’s good for you and what makes you feel better. If you try to balance out your body, your skin will be healthy too. 

But please don’t take this as me being a health nut, I literally am not, I had a huge ass plate of platanos and ropa vieja with frijoles dormidos and ya girl is currently typing this whole post with a bag filled with pan dulce from the mexican bakery next to her. but trust I’m taking my chlorophyll and drinking lemon water tonight! 

I hope this helped baby girl. As always, let me know how you doing with your journey to slay everyone! keep me updated and good luck!!!! 

update: now that it’s humid and gross outside, i cleanse with almond oil. it’s still bomb, just lightweight bomb!

If you are female, expressing hatred for your own body is not just acceptable, it’s practically de rigeur. Failure to indulge in the requisite amount of self-flagellation – my thighs! my skin! my face! – isn’t just negligent, it’s unfeminine. Self-hatred is fundamental to how femininity is constructed, more fundamental than any of the more obvious external symbols (dress, make-up, shoes). What matters is not that you are beautiful, but you know your place in the beauty hierarchy (and since every woman ages, every woman’s place will eventually be somewhere at the bottom).

Young women are encouraged to bond over their dislike of excess body hair, surplus flesh and “uneven” skin. They are meant to do so in a jovial way, egged on by perky adverts informing them what “real women” do: worry about having underarms beautiful enough for a sleeveless top, celebrate curves with apologetic booty shakes and cackle ruefully over miserable Sex-and-the-City-style lunches of Ryvita and Dulcolax. It’s a gendered ritual; men get football and booze, women get control pants and detoxes. We are supposed, of course, to be grateful. Hey, you don’t have to be perfect! Just know you’re not perfect and act accordingly, with the appropriate levels of guilt and shame!

Fairy tale after fairy tale tells us that what matters is being beautiful “on the inside” but what does that really mean? It means submission, obedience and the suppression of one’s own desires. Don’t be haughty and proud. Clean the hearth. Kiss the frog. Love the beast. Suck it up when you’re replaced by a younger model. Sure, you may look fine, but you mustn’t feel fine. You mustn’t be vain. You mustn’t be angry. All fury and pain must be turned back on itself. That way you’ll be a real princess: silent, fragile and never threatening to challenge the status quo.



Every time this post comes around, I have to explain this. 

Watch Dennou Coil, the most underrated anime pretty much ever. 

  • Yes, this is the standard of animation throughout the series. 
  • It’s basically about kids with what’s essentially Google Glass: The Game. The whole world is affected by this game. Traffic lights, school, anything. 
  • It’s good in the beginning and gets really, really good by the end. 
  • Shows the vulnerabilities of children.
  • Well-written children in general. They fall under some tropes but they don’t suffer from the usual fallacies of writing children into series. 
  • And yeah, the filler episodes are really good. The whole series is worth watching. 

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Take any set of 3 of these colors and each room would be amazing. A palette for the whole house

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Girl, an ongoing series 
by Lora Mathis 

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Our DIY heater ^.^

Kat watched a video the other night on cheap ways to heat a room with every day items. You get a baking tray, put 4 candles in it, then place a small sized ceramic pot on top, cover the hole to stop heat escaping and then place a bigger ceramic pot over the smaller one.

The theory is that the smaller one traps the heat and heats up (which it does and it’s to hot to touch). Then because the bigger pot over hangs the tray the heat from the smaller one sucks in cold air, heats it up and pushes it out the hole at the top of the bigger one.   

We did this last night and it honestly made a difference in our biggish living room, totally took the chill off. Though I’ll probably make another one to warm our room up perfectly.  

Total cost

Plant Pots - Free from the previous occupiers of this flat.

Tray - £2 from Asda

Tea Lights - 2p each when bought as a huge pack 

Must try this: it seems a great way to pre-warm our upstairs bedroom for a couple of hours before bedtime, without trundling the standby radiator to and fro or pointlessly running another central heating cycle for a house whose occupants will soon be under a duvet.

Those of you in the path of the oncoming arctic vortex may find this of interest. I need to get some ceramic pots, myself.

Handy supplement for keeping warm. 

And yes, “polar vortex” is the term the meterologists are using for this weather, so the cold is not screwing around here. Stay warm. Be safe.

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This is a very important website. Please spread the link.

Hey sex workers!

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If you haven’t seen The Flowers of Evil 

I highly suggest it ~ 

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